Toffee Apple Pot

January 19, 2020

Toffee apple pot, made using Bamorganic Vanilla to make a chia pudding (bottom layer). Perfect Autumn morning fuel or a delicious desert. You decide!

Toffee Apple Bam Pot (Serves 1)

Make the chia pudding by mixing 10g (2tbsp) chia seeds with 50ml Bamorganic Vanilla Milk in a small dessert glass. Leave for at least 1hr for the seeds to absorb the liquid

Chop 1 small apple and 2 pitted dates, then cook on the hob or in the microwave with 1tsp cinnamon and 2tbsp of water until soft

Layer the apple and dates over the chia pudding

Drizzle honey around the edge of the glass, then add in 2 heaped tbsp of Greek yoghurt – smooth it down so that it’s flat, before adding a sprinkling of granola, seeds and extra cinnamon to finish

Serve chilled (you and the pot).

Recipe by Tiffany Afflick @thecookingyam

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