About Bamorganic

It all began on a road trip…

What started with a simple enough idea on a European road trip has since become a quest…

…To give consumers a healthier choice of on-the-go Organic Original & High Protein products that contain entirely natural ingredients. Bam Organic products are all Soil Association & European Organic certified, ensuring ethical, highly monitored ingredients provenance.

How we do things differently

Fight the Fake.

We believe we are the natural choice in an artificial world. Our ‘All the right ingredients, naturally’ approach uses the cleanest, ingredients, that are both ethically and sustainably sourced. We say no to refined sugar. No to artificial sweeteners. No to single-use plastic bottles. No to preservatives. No to colourings. No to any kind of junk. We say yes to Organic. Yes to recyclable packaging from sustainable sources. Yes to great taste. Yes to the highest quality ingredients.

Why Bam Organic for you

The Best You.

We believe that ‘you are what you eat and drink!’ and that your behaviour fundamentally impacts others and the planet as a whole. We are driven to help you be the very best you can be. It’s our ambition to support everyone in this endeavour, ergo our vision of the future.

What we do

Natural Choice.

We believe we make the worlds greatest protein products period.
Best tasting, nutritious and convenient, not to mention our recycleable cartons made from sustainable sources.
Bam Organic is the natural choice in an artificial world.


Mindful of the one planet we all share

Bam Organic cartons are not only recyclable, they are made from FSC certified raw material.

We declined the option of single-use plastic bottles in favour of a more conscientious approach. Tetra Pak® leads the world in good packaging, working with non-GMO farmers in Brazil to create caps derived from sugarcane. This represents 5% of our carton; in-fact our whole pack is 100% recyclable and made with nearly 70% renewable material, the majority of which is paperboard. Furthermore our outer boxes are also made from sustainable fully recyclable box board.

Tetra Pak paperboard manufacture uses minimal fossil fuels and energy  creating a very small carbon footprint with massive waste reduction

In short; We are the natural choice in an artificial world.

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